Welcome to The Pylon.

The Pylon is a Blacksburg-based digital publication that specializes in investigative and longform pieces, informed commentaries, and submission-based creative works. We are an independent publication that covers local stories and provides an outlet for community voices with quality in mind.

Our mission

The Pylon believes that Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community is best served by independent press. We publish alternative perspectives that have not been addressed in existing publications or media. We provide original and authentic content, investigative reporting, and the thoughtful exchange of ideas.


About the Sections

The Happenings section aims to bring the Blacksburg and Virginia Tech communities high quality, in-depth news stories that are relevant and important, and may not be covered elsewhere. Stories tend to be investigative, heavily fact-checked, and reported within the framework of our ethical standards in a timely fashion.

The Variety section is devoted to producing high-quality feature and human-interest type stories from the Blacksburg and Virginia Tech area. The focus will be on cultural content, as in: what are people interested in or talking about, what’s going on in art or film, etc. in Blacksburg and at Virginia Tech? The Variety section focuses in on the people living here and the stories waiting to be told.

The Commentary section seeks to entertain original, well-researched perspectives on relevant and interesting ideas pertinent to the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities. Not only will Commentary serve the role as a traditional opinion page, it will engage and invite the thoughtful exchange of ideas from a wide array of voices and opinions, delivered in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of journalistic quality and is not offensive, divisive, or otherwise dogmatic.

The Craft section strives to be the single Blacksburg and Virginia Tech community publication that combines the written word, music, visual and video craft forms into a single digital hub. The section provides a local publishing opportunity for Virginia Tech students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the Blacksburg community.