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Letter from the Craft editors: “Change”

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The Craft editors discuss their picks for the “Change” call for submissions. Share this Post Our fifth call for submissions began while the trees were still bare and covered with frost. We chose the theme “Change” to reflect our new editors and the shifting weather–after all, no matter how endless Blacksburg winters may seem, spring still comes. Now flowers have replaced bare branches, and leaves have replaced the blooms. But change isn’t always beautiful or easy. It is often frightening, and we all respond in different ways. Austin Berrier’s haunting piece, “Atomic Flowers,” evokes the fear, grief, and uncertainty that …

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Atomic Flowers

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Share this Post Illustration by Elizabeth Bowling. “Be still, child. Let time undo itself so we may all return to our true home, the warmth of a kissed cheek in the vacuum of space from our true mother star, telling us to be calm and float away to pollinate every planet we see. They are as innumerable as the infinity above, around, and within you, each a channel for creation. Let life appear and disappear again, blink and breathe in and out, forever and ever, amen.” These were the last words my ma would say to me every night, and …

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Winding Up in Appalachia

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Share this Post Photo by Elizabeth Bowling. On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 I had the opportunity to sit down with one of Blacksburg’s most interesting women. Beejay Silcox is currently a Master of Fine Arts student at Virginia Tech, though her perception on what is means to live meaningfully goes far beyond academia. Her native Australian views on landscape, personality, and creativity have landed in Blacksburg, Virginia where she continues to write and share her stories. I – Frames of Mind Australian schooling is vastly different from education in America– both in terms of structure and the views surrounding it. …