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Letter from the Cofounders

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Our mission: The Pylon believes that Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community is best served by independent press. We publish alternative perspectives that have not been addressed in existing publications or media. We provide original and authentic content, investigative reporting, and the thoughtful exchange of ideas.
By the cofounders, Andrew Kulak and Erica Corder Contact the cofounders

Welcome to The Pylon. We are thrilled to finally have you here.

After months of preparation, discussion, and brainstorming, The Pylon is here. What started as a conversation outside Squires Student Center has become Blacksburg and Virginia Tech’s newest digital publication, driven by Tech students and local residents who believe this community deserves a truly independent, local publication devoted to investigative and longform journalism, informed commentary, and submission-based creative works.

This website began as a small idea between the two of us just over a year ago. From there, a group of people who shared our vision came together to help us figure out how to make it a reality. This founding group, including the talents of Laura Copan, Megan Grondine, Emily Hughes, Alyssa Lentz, and Andrew Wimbish, met for the first time in its entirety on Sep. 3, 2015. Since then, we and our inaugural team have worked days, nights, and weekends to build the site and its four sections: Happenings, Variety, Commentary, and Craft.

Each section connects with our mission. In Happenings, you’ll find news stories of the highest quality — in-depth, investigative, and thorough. Variety publishes high-quality feature and human-interest stories rooted in the Blacksburg and Tech communities. The Commentary section collects thoughtful, well-researched perspectives on relevant and topical ideas pertinent to the university and surrounding communities in order to invite conversation from as many voices in the area as possible. Craft offers a singular digital venue that showcases Blacksburg and Tech artists, regularly reviewing written word, musical, visual, and cinematic pieces from local creatives.

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll be populating this site with content that we hope you’ll enjoy. The Pylon aims to meaningfully connect with the audiences we intend to serve, and as such we welcome any and all feedback at any time — and especially during this soft launch of our site. We’re also open to (anonymous or identified) news tips, the link for which you can always find in the footer of the page. And of course, everyone in this community is encouraged to submit to any one of our Craft calls for submissions, to send a letter to the editor, or to pen a guest essay.

We hope you’ll come to love The Pylon as much as we’ve loved creating it. It’s taken some time to get here but we know that our work has just begun. We’re excited to have you here from the beginning.


The Cofounders

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