Letter from the Craft Editors: “Earth”

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The Craft editors highlight their picks for the “Earth” call for submissions.
By Laura Copan and Alyssa Lentz 
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Illustration by Scott Beaubien

Illustration by Scott Beaubien.

It is hard not to be inspired in our planet’s warmer months, as we marvel at the blooming of spring and get the chance to explore and connect with nature in summer (reminding us what we have been missing in those seemingly never-ending Blacksburg winters). Taking a cue from our surroundings, we chose “Earth” as the theme for our third round of submissions. The works we have selected share global insight on a variety of topics: the tragic decline of an endangered species, the romance of traveling, the amusingly twisted way we evolved alongside our planet, and what lies beneath its surface.

All of the selected artists this call blew us away with their creative commentaries on our big, blue, green, brown, troubled, messy, one-of-a-kind world. In her video and accompanying poem, Kira Jersild transports us to Germany, giving us a sense of how magical it can be to travel with others. Angel Amores’ blunt characterization of humanity in her unique treatise on evolution gives hilarious insight on what it means to be human. Alwyn Moss, a long-time advocate of Blacksburg’s natural environment, delivers a moving piece about the jeopardized future of the elephant and how the world could change without them. Finally, Matthew Jones’ layered piece focuses on how the ground beneath us can affect the foundations of who we are as people.

We are thrilled to share these selections with you, and we hope you enjoy their fresh perspectives on this crazy planet of ours. As always, please consider submitting your own work to our next call for submissions.

Until next time,

Alyssa Lentz and Laura Copan
Craft Editors of The Pylon

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