An illustration of an American flag waving in the air.

Letter from the Editor: “State of the Nation”

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The editor-in-chief announces a new vision for the Craft section.
By Erica Corder, Editor-in-chief Contact the Editor

An illustration of an American flag waving in the air.

Illustration by Scott Beaubien.

America is in a time of transition. On Tuesday, we elect our new leader—and then collectively breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over. I know I’m not the first to say this, but it seems the only thing we can all agree on lately is that this has been a stressful election season. Every day we’re fed a new scandal or soundbite—which will either infuriate you, force you to defend your candidate, or reinforce your support for third parties.

I know I’m not alone when I say I am exhausted.

But here at The Pylon, we encouraged local artists to give us a glimpse of their America and what they interpret to be THE STATE OF THE NATION. Needless to say, the submissions were a breath of fresh air. What could have been used as an excuse for a diatribe was instead used as an opportunity to quietly examine a slice of American life. No yelling, no ranting. Just art.

Today, we feature three selections from our last call, hand-picked by our former Craft editors. Each piece speaks to the artist’s interpretation of our nation as it is here and now during this phase of transformation.

On that note, The Pylon’s Craft section is going through a transformation of its own. With the help of local artists and founding Craft editors Alyssa Lentz and Laura Copan, we have spent the past few months building this section’s potential. Now, we are looking to expand.

As our former editors depart, we are seeking new leadership to continue building upon the section’s momentum. We are recruiting a committee of Craft editors who will further the section’s original mission of promoting local artistry.

During this phase, we will not run a call for submissions. This is only a temporary measure, necessary to focus our efforts on improving the section. We hope, as our dedicated readers, you will understand—and will keep checking back in with us to see how this section evolves. In the meantime, we welcome all feedback and nominations for our committee.

As we wait in anticipation for tomorrow’s results and for the growth to come for the Craft section, I hope you’ll take some time away from compulsively checking the polls to enjoy this call’s selections.

Here’s to the future,

Erica Corder
Editor-in-chief of The Pylon

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