Michael Jackson

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A selection from our “Anything Goes” call for submissions.
By Alex Newman

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Alex Newman is a 23-year-old biology major from Raleigh, North Carolina. He enjoys the challenge of the creative process and relishes the inherent trial and error, as well as infusing art with his own experiences. He works best around midday and finds his focus when he’s in his own space, with distractions at a minimum and time at the maximum. Recently, he admires the layered story and unique perspective in Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know Better” video and the effects in Earl Sweatshirt’s “Grief” video. His own video, “Michael Jackson” (which he worked on with Ayinde Anderson), was shot in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, and he recommends if you’ve never been to that area of the Outer Banks you need to stop procrastinating and “make that move.”

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