"Used" illustration of mountains and landscape in Blacksburg, Virginia.


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A selection from our “Anything Goes” call for submissions.
By Elizabeth Vincent

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I am the rugged rolling hills that stretch
far and wide throughout the hollers and valleys
the tumbled rocks overgrown with grass
that you turn your focused lens to,
click a picture of,
and walk away from.

Elizabeth Vincent spends most of her time in Blacksburg studying, writing, or working with her church. The latter two are intertwined for her, and she finds major inspiration from looking at the Bible as “one grand story” and God as “the ultimate Storyteller.” While she prefers to write whenever the inspiration strikes, she’s most productive in the mornings — her two requirements being natural light and coffee. She says her two featured pieces come from brokenness, and that “some of the most beautiful stories and pieces of writing emerge from taking up the broken pieces in your hands and beginning to do something with them.” She recommends William Cullen Bryant’s “To a Waterfowl” to readers of The Pylon.

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