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A Political Convention Reporter’s Working Breakfast at the CNN Grill

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Illustration by Justin Lau. Illustration by Justin Lau. Josette Torres someday wants to eat a meal at the CNN Grill. Until then, the 44-year-old Northwest Indiana native turned downtown Blacksburg dweller continues her studies at Virginia Tech as a doctoral student in cultural thought in the ASPECT Program. Torres tends to write wherever she can: “coffee shops, offices, classrooms, patios, Cassell Coliseum, the back deck at Top of the Stairs, the BT, my bed when I should be sleeping, and so on.” “I have a compulsive need to slam words down on paper on the regular. It’s part of my …

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Letter to the Editor: Corruption, Politicians, and Conformity

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In this letter to the editor, senior computer science major and math and Japanese double minor Riley Kohl of Leesburg, Virginia takes a stand on corruption in our government, the “propaganda machine” of today’s media, and political dissent. Share this Post Courtesy of Riley Kohl. Courtesy of Riley Kohl. I think that all of us, no matter which candidate we support or what side of the aisle we stand on, can agree that the majority of online and televised media outlets have become a propaganda machine for the ruling political ideology and those in high places who subscribe to it. …