Photo Essay: Evenings in Blacksburg

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When the streetlights in Blacksburg blink on, Elizabeth Bowling captures the evening beauty of Blacksburg and its nightlife. Her photo essay is updated weekly.

By Elizabeth Bowling, Photography editor Contact the photographer

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  • The Lyric Theatre at night
  • A Blacksburg Transit bus on campus
    Sometimes all you need is a beautiful night to take you to places you never knew could Exist
  • The Pylons at night shortly after sunset
  • Bring clarity to the darkness around you
  • Burruss Hall and the April 16 memorial at night
    Darkness gives way only to light
  • Bollo's coffeehouse at night
    The creation of a photograph does not end with the artist. It begins with the audience’s perception of it, and the places it takes one’s mind to.
  • The Graduate Life Center at night
    Darkness is just as important to a photograph as Light. Without both, a photograph could not exist. The answer lies between them.
  • The Moss Arts Center at night
    The Night can be an interesting place for a photographer, whose job is to inspire people and change their perspective of the world through light.

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About the Photographer

Elizabeth Bowling


Elizabeth Bowling ​is a local photographer born and raised in Blacksburg. She spent most of her time in high school participating in foreign exchange programs and traveling throughout Europe taking pictures. She is a former photography instructor at the Ecole d’Humanite in Switzerland.

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