A video still from our interview with Nikki Giovanni.

Pylon Profiles No. 1: Nikki Giovanni

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In our first-ever Pylon Profile, we sit down for an exclusive interview with Nikki Giovanni, celebrated poet and University Distinguished Professor.
Interview by Rachel Hargrave

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Anyone who enrolls in one of Nikki Giovanni’s classes can tell you that she has a huge library of stories. We thought it was a shame that only those who take her classes walk out having heard those stories, so The Pylon sat down with her to capture some of them on camera. We talked about her beginnings, how a bat was named after her, and how Morgan Freeman (yes, that Morgan Freeman) owes her a car. Mr. Freeman, may we humbly suggest that it’s time you make good on your offer?

Watch the excerpt above, or check out our extended 34-minute interview.

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